Get ready to present your paper

            Your file should at least contain the following:

                        Title page


                                    Research question

                                    Literature review with sources

                                            Significance of your research (Try to accomplish this based on the literature)


                                    Mechanism of how X1 influences Y

                                           Use sources to support your argument, where you can.



                                    Data (Brief description of data, including the units of analysis and the number of cases.)

                                    How cases are selected

                                    Y, X1, and other control variables (with sources)


                                    Statistical models (Not results. The results should belong to the results section.)

                        Statistical Analysis

                                    Descriptive stats (Usually univariate statistics)

                                    E.g. Freq distribution tables, histograms, measures of central tendency and variability.

                                   (You are welcome to use other methods.)

                                    Results (Tables and figrues)



            Note:   Do not include too much in one page. Make sure to use large font sizes.

                        Do not read when you present.


I will be grading based on the following:

Quality of power point file.

Presentation style

Each student's knowlege of research design, methods, and statistics.


                        Please put your laptops, iPhones, and etc. away and pay attention to the presentations and participate in discussion.

                        I will  also be grading your participation.