Phase 3. Operationalization/Methods


1.  Describe your dataset

            Units of analysis (Individuals, countries, cities, states, nations)

            Selection of cases

Note: How are you selecting your cases?

         Why are you selecting the cases in the way you are selecting?

            Number of cases (You should at least have 50 cases.)

            Make sure to specify what years you analysis is covering.

2. Describe how you are operationalizing your concepts. In other words, describe what variables you are using to represent concepts. Describe how they are measured and coded.

            Dependent variable

            Main independent variable

            Other independent variables (control variables): Explain why you are including certain control variables in your analysis.  (Basically, you are suspecting that the control variables influence the dependent variable, or the previous studies show that these control variables influence the dependent variable. This is why you are including the control variables in your analysis.) What kind of association do you expect between the control variables and the dependent variable. 


            Note: Include the sources of your data.

                     Discuss the coding of your variables.

                     Discuss why you are including the variables in your analysis.


3. Describe what statistics you are using.

           If your dependent variable is measured at the interval level, you will be using multivariabe regression.

           If your dependent varaible is categorical, you will be probably running crosstabs with chisquare tests.

4. This section should be about 3 to 5 pages.

5. Type and print out your assignment turn it into the instructor. Save your file and submit the final version to Blackboard. The instructors will only grade your hard copy.



1. At the end of the semester, you will turn in your paper by combining the phases.

2. Save your work. Make sure to have multiple backups. You will be responsible for a lost file.

3. Overall, present your paper professionally.

4. Save and submit the final version into Blackboard.