POLS 625

Assignment 11                                                                                                                       



Use the GSS2006B_student dataset and complete the following:


1. Analyze the relationship between GUN_CONTROL3 and SEX.


The dependent variable is the row variable.

Do not forget to choose the column %.

Interpret the output table by comparing the column % horizontally! (You just need to write one sentense here.)

Anser which group supports stricter gun control laws.       


2. Add a control variable, KIDS, to your analysis.

Hint: Does the original association that you saw at the bivariate level remain the same for the respondents with kids? How about the respondents without kids?


Do not include any unnecessary or wrong output. If the output tables are too large and do not fit in one page, edit the tables. The SPSS output files allow you to edit, if you double click. You can delete an unnecessary column, if you like. You can also copy and paste the table as a picture or object. In this way you can shrink the table. Copy and paste your SPSS tables to a Word file and submit to BlackBoard. Do not forget to discuss the tables.