Phase 4b



Test your hypotheses (Involve more than one variable).


Use an appropriate measure of association to test the hypothesis.

      a. Do the results support your hypothesis? Are they statistically significant?

      b. What is the direction of association?

c. Interpret the results substantively. 


Focus on the effect of the independent variable.

            You should also discuss the impact of control variables.

Try at least several independent variables in the model.

Try to come up with multiple models.

If you are running crosstabs, make sure to run both bivariate and multivariate stats.

Do not forget to insert the output tables. Follow the following example. e.g. Table for regression

Bonus points

If your dependent variable is nominal or ordinal, recode the dependent variable into a dummy variable and run logistic regression models. Your independent variables have to be interval variables. If not, recode them into dummy variables. You can find more information in your text book.


Phase 5



Future research

In the conclusion you should discuss your findings and whether your original hypothesis is supported by your analysis. Looking back on your expectations, does your theory or hypothesis need revising? Explain. The conclusion should be at least one double-spaced page.



1. Save your work in disks (Make sure to have multiple backups). You will be responsible for a lost disk.

2. Overall, present your paper professionally.


Final Paper


A. Put together all the parts from the previous phases. Integrate the parts so that it flows like a complete paper. Make sure to delete the word “phase” and replace it with a subtitle.


            Phase 1 – Introduction

            Phase 2 – Theory and hypotheses

            Phase 3 – Methods

            Phase 4a – Descriptive statistics

            Phase 4b – Test results

            Phase 5 – Conclusion


Include a title page that specifies the name of the research project. You should also insert page numbers.

Make sure to revise your paper based on my comments.



1. Your paper should be about 20 to 25pages using 12 point font excluding tables and figures (should be about 35,000 words). Do not adjust margin sizes.

2. Make sure to write in paragraph format.

3. Do not forget to attach bibliography.

4. Bring a hard copy of your final paper to the main office of the department. You should also submit it to Blackboard.

5. Please do not send your assignments using e-mail. 

6. Overall, present your paper professionally.