Phase 4a

Statistical Analyses


This component of the research paper focuses on the statistical analysis of your hypotheses. Essentially, you are required to use (almost) every statistical technique we cover in this class.


Recode the variables first, if it is necessary. Follow Phase 3. Make sure to save the dataset after you recode. Also, do not forget to save the SPSS output tables and figures. You will need the output tables and figures to complete Phase 4a.


Phase 4a Prep

1. Hypotheses

    -Restate your hypotheses.


            Rival 1:

            Rival 2:


2. Descriptive Statistics

If your variable is a nominal or an ordinal variable, follow A below. If your variable is an interval variable, follow B.


A. Nominal or ordinal variable

a) Produce a frequency table that pertains to the dependent variable. If you have recoded, use the recoded variable. Also, produce the measures of central tendency (e.g. The mode for a nominal variable. The median for an ordinal variable.) and variability (e.g. The range for nominal and ordinal variables).

(SPSS: Analyze, Descriptive, Frequency, Stats option)

           b) Copy and paste the frequency table and the small table which contains the measures of central tendency and variability into a            word file.            

           c) Repeat the above for other nominal and ordinal independent variables. Organize the information and save it.


    *Points will be deducted for any wrong, unorganized or redundant tables.


B. Interval/ratio variables

a) Produce a histogram that pertains to your dependent variable.Also, produce the measures of central tendency (e.g. the mean for an interval/ratio variable and the mean and the median for skewed variables) and variability (e.g. standard deviation for interval/ratio variables). If you have recoded, use the recoded variable.

(SPSS:Analyze, Descriptive, Frequency, Chart and Stats options)

b) Repeat the above for the independent variables.

c) Copy and paste the charts and the tables into a word file. Organize the information and save it.


    *Points will be deducted for any wrong, unorganized, or redundant tables.



If you make any mistakes, the instructor will let you know how to improve your assignment. You can redo your assignment and show the instructor the improved version. Repeat the process until everything is correctly done. Save your file and deposit the final version to Blackboard. Visit  and go to POLS210. Find Assignment 1 and double click and upload your file as a WORD file. You will receive 100%. Blackboard allows you to deposit only once. If you did not complete the assignment during the lab hours, you must deposit your assignment to Blackboard by 5pm next day. The instructor will grade your assignment. (You will not be able to redo the assignment, even though your score is lower than 100%.)