POLS 210

Exam 2 Rule


The exam period lasts for two days. The test opens at 8am on the day of the exam and ends when the labs close on the following day.  Make sure to find out when the labs close by visiting the following: http://bsu.edu/labs. Bring your ID when you take the exam. There will be no class on the first day of the exam period. You will also receive 2 extra points, if you take the test on the first day. 


Testing time: 60 minutes

Single attempt

Closed books


You will be allowed to take pens/pencils. You will not be allowed to bring any electronic device including calculators into the testing area. You are allowed to use the within-test calculator. 

Please ask a lab assistant for scrap paper. You are allowed to use one blank paper at a time. You must return the first one in order to get the second one, etc. Make sure to return all of your scrap paper to a lab assistant before you leave the testing area.

Your grade will be posted in Blackboard after the exam period ends.

The basic rules for deducting points after the exam period are described in the syllabus.

Please be aware that the space in the labs is limited.  

IMPORTANT: If you encounter any problems in the labs, you must notify a lab assistant immediately. You must also e-mail me immediately.




For a successful testing experience, follow these tips:

        For testing lab locations, times, and seat availability, please visit: www.bsu.edu/labs/seats

        Receive live lab status updates on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BSUTESTINGLABS

        Make it to your lab before closing time to ensure you have a seat.

        Know when your tests expire and allow sufficient time to check in.

        Please keep in mind that materials (cell phones, notes, books, calculators, etc.) are not allowed while taking a test.

Additional information regarding our labs can be found at www.bsu.edu/labs.