POLS 210

Exam 1 review sheet


This review is intended to give you a general idea of what may appear on the exam. The exam will cover material from the assigned readings and material that was presented in the lectures and the lab hours.


1. Research questions

††††††††††† What are some examples of bad research questions?

††††††††††† Normative, factual, etc

2. Concepts, variables

3. Operationalization

4. Reliability and validity

5. Systematic measurement error and random measurement error

6. Cases

7. Units of analysis

††††††††††† Individual and aggregate data

†††††††††††† Ecological fallacy

8. Levels of measurement

††††††††††† Nominal, ordinal, and interval/ratio

9. Types of variables

††††††††††† Dependent, independent, intervening, antecedent

10. Explanation/theory

11. Correlation, causal and spurious relationships

12. Hypotheses

††††††††††† How to state a hypothesis:

††††††††††† Characteristics of good hypotheses

††††††††††† Directional and null hypotheses

13. Democratic Peace

14. Duvergerís Law

15. Datasets

††††††††††† GSS, NES, World, and States

16. Phase 1

††††††††††† Descriptions online

17. SPSS

††††††††††† Two windows: Variable View (Name, Label, Value, Missing) and Data View

17. Read the required readings carefully.