Assignment 3 Prep for Phase 2


[Note: The following instructions are written to help you complete the assignment. (However, they are still not enough to replace the entire lecture. If you missed the lecture, you would probablly have many problems understanding the instructions. If you face problems, try to complete the assignment as much as you can before you come to class and ask the instructors some specific questions.) Reading the required reading may also help you complete the assignment.]


Complete the following assignments and submit Word files to Blackboard.


Assignment 3a Prep Phase2: Four Variabes and Hypotheses


1. Specify which dataset you are using.

2. Specify the four variables, Y, X1, X2, and X3 in your research. List the names of the variables. (Open your dataset and go to the "Variable View" window. The names are found in the first column.) Also list the labels of the variables (5th column) and the coding of the variables (6th column).






Obama percentage 2012



Census region

1. Northeast 2.Midwest 3.South 4. West








a. Avoid using similar variables. For example, it is not so interesting, if you find a relationship between average income and GDP per capita. Similarly, if you use two variables for Xs that are too similar, your model will not not be effective. (You are just using the same concept twice in the model.)

b. Remember that you have to find all the variables in a single dataset.

c. For the dependent variable (Y), select an interval variable, if an interval variable is available. If it is not available, choose a nominal or ordinal variable.

d.     When there are two variables that represent the same concept (i.e Age, Agecat4), choose an interval one, when your dependent variable is interval. Choose an nominal or ordinal one, when your dependent variable is nominal or ordinal.


3. Write three hypotheses. (Main: Y and X1, Alternative 1: Y and X2, Alternative 2: Y and X3)

    Make sure to specify direction. 

    e.g. Main Hypothesis: Women are more likely to be Democrats than are men.

            The following is an example of a hypothesis without a direction:

            Main: Gender influences PID.


a.   Pay attention to the units of analysis. If your hypotheses are stated at the individual level, you should be using individual level data, such as GSS, NES, WVS.

b.    Remember that you cannot test changes over time.

c.    Each hypothesis should involve exactly two concepts.

d.    Null hypotheses are not acceptable.


Assignment 3b Prep Phase 2: Checking for Missing Cases


SPSS: Analyze -- Correlate -- Bivariate -- Move the four variables to the “Variables” box.

Make sure that the number of cases, N, is not zero in any of the cells. (If you see a categorical variable and a non-categorical variable, choose a non-categorical variable.)  Remember to include the Y variable.


Make sure that the table is organized well. Points will be deducted for any wrong or redundant information. Please cut and paste the output table into Word and show it to the instructor.


If you make any mistakes, the instructor will let you know how to improve your assignment. You can redo your assignment and show the instructor the improved version. Repeat the process until everything is correctly done. Save your file and deposit the final version to Blackboard. Visit  and go to POLS210. Find Assignment 3 and double click and upload your file as a WORD file. You will receive 100%. Blackboard allows you to deposit only once. If you did not complete the assignment during the lab hours, you must deposit your assignment to Blackboard by 5pm next day. The instructor will grade your assignment. (You will not be able to redo the assignment, even though your score is lower than 100%.)