Assignment 13



Note: The following instructions are written to help you complete the assignment. (However, they are still not enough to replace the entire lecture. If you missed the lecture, you would probablly have many problems understanding the instructions. If you missed the lecture, try to complete the assignment as much as you can before you come to class and ask the instructors some specific questions.) Reading the required reading may also help you complete the assignment.


Suppose you want to show that x and y are negatively correlated. [Hint: Your directional hypothesis is that the two variables are negatively correlated.] Answer the following questions. 

1.     What is the null hypothesis? [Hint: No calculations are involved. This is just a statement. If you can reject the null hypothesis based on the significance level in the results, the relationship is statistically significant.]

2.     Using SPSS, analyze the relationship between x and y by answering the questions below.


Create the dataset first. (SPSS: Analyze--Correlate--Bivariate. Copy and paste an spss output table in a Word file.)


                        *Visit the course web page and find an example of SPSS output: Output

            You will see a 1 in the first cell. This just means that the correlation between X and X is 1.

            N: Number of cases.


a. Highlight the number that shows statistical significance. [Hint: Look for the word "sig."]

b. What is the significance? What is the confidence level that we are reaching?

c. Do you reject the null hypothesis?

d. Is the relationship statistically significant?

e. Underline the number that shows the strength of the relationship. [Hint: Look at the row for "Pearson Correlation"]

f. Is the relationship strong?

g. Is the relationship positive or negative?

h. Do the results support that x and y are NEGATIVELY associated? [Hint: The signifiant result does not necessarily mean that your hypothesis is supported. Always check the significance and the direction.]

























Do not include any wrong or unnecessary output.


If you make any mistakes, the instructor will let you know how to improve your assignment. You can redo your assignment and show the instructor the improved version. Repeat the process until everything is correctly done. Save your file and deposit the final version to Blackboard. Visit www.bsu.edu/blackboard  and go to POLS210. Find Assignment 1 and double click and upload your file as a WORD file. You will receive 100%. Blackboard allows you to deposit only once. If you did not complete the assignment during the lab hours, you must deposit your assignment to Blackboard by 5pm next day. The instructor will grade your assignment. (You will not be able to redo the assignment, even though your score is lower than 100%.)