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Misa Nishikawa's Links for Social Science Data


Country Data

World Factbook POLITY Richard Kimber statistics (links by the cabinet of Japan)
US Dept of State (Countries)   US Dept of State (Int'l Issues)   Freedom House   Philip Keefer, World Bank
Human Rights Watch Bertelsmann Stiftung International Relations and Security Network Matt Golder
International Trade Administration Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members E-Conflict Democracy through Partnership Beween Men and Women
Transparency   Correlates of War   Database of Political Institutions   World Value Surveys

Economic Data on the WWW (From Damodar N. Gujarati. 2003 Basic Econometrics.)

Economic Statistics Briefing Room   Panel Study   Harvard-MIT   National Bureau of Economic Research
Institute for Research on Poverty   Bureau of Labor Statistics   U.S. Census Bureau   General Social Survey
American Stock Exchange   FRED Database   International Trade Administration   CIA Publication
Energy Information Administration            


Thomas Legislative Infomation Documents Center, University of Michigan